With children with disabilities, you have to discover it for them.

All children have abilities in them. For children with disabilities, you have to discover it for them. They are just not able to unravel it. That is why I don’t call it a Disability. I call it This-Ability.

Tips & tricks to a new parent/ teacher of a child with a disability

I believe in the philosophy of every child can do something. It all depends on the type of disability. Acceptance of any disability is very important for any mother or any teacher. . If there is a parent who comes newly diagnosed, I tell them that there is light at the end of the channel. Believe in your child that they can do it. Acceptance of the child and believing in the child is important.

It all depends on how intensely you work. If you work intensely on the disability making them better, overcome the disability, you can make them much better. Its not a disease to be cured. Its a condition, you really sometimes can’t cure it, but you can definitely make them better. I have seen in my children who came for training, they have never been to regular school. At the age of 19–22, I placed them in a multinational company. They are drawing a salary. I believed in them. I believed that they can overcome and they will be able to. It all depends on the severity of the problem. If the problem is so severe, it is difficult to overcome thoroughly, For those, I would say, the basic needs of life they would be able to do. Otherwise, we have students outside, never been to a regular school, but now they are getting 25,000 salaries. That means they have been accepted. it’s a slow process.

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