Role of Multi-sensory learning in Special Education – A Special Educator’s take

Mrs. Radha Ganesan is a special educator who has worked with students with autism, ADHD, LD, Developmental delays. With 30 years of work experience in this field, she has valuable lessons to share.

I feel children who grow normally we call them normal or regular. I don’t use the word normal because when they are regular, the development takes in such a way that they are able to do things on their own.

With children with disabilities, you have to discover it for them. You have to discover their ability. That’s why I don’t call it a disability. I call it this-ability.

They have some ability with them. They are just not able to unravel it. Training for them is unraveling their ability. Training for them is teaching them what is right .They have the potential. You have to believe that they have the potential and work on it.

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